Newlands Realty offers...

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full range of real estate service, specializing in "buyer representation"...view our Buyer's Listing Agreement in pdf.  You can read it and (if you wish) print it out, fill it out, and send it to us. 


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295  RIVER RD    


(870) 431- 5604



There are numerous real estate...

agencies in our area.  We'll list some of them, in order of proximity to Newlands:

Lakeview -
Beaman Realty
Arkansas Ozarks Realty

Mountain Home -
Mountain Home Area Realty
Mountain Home Real Estate
Century 21 LeMac
Gilbert Realty

Ed Gilbert & Associates Realty Co.
Larry Black & Associates Real Estate

Country Wood Realty
House of Realty 

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At some point, some or all of Newlands properties may become available.

Here are some river lots (between Newlands and Gastons).  And some data relating to Newlands Lodge itself includes the following -

Newlands Appraisals are listed below:

Office / Conference Center / Penthouse / Boat Dock
Lodge 1
Lodge 2
Lodge 3
Lodge 4
Lodge 5
Lodge 6
Lodge 7/8
Shop    (Potential for Lodge)

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Appraisals - Land Allocation

For above appraisals, here is a drawing showing how land was allocated to each one.

Also, here is "Newland Tract Sizes" drawn up by Mahan Appraisals.  And a spreadsheet showing total acres.

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Survey - Utilities

Here is a drawing showing the underground "utilities" (water, sewer, etc). 

Note: We have installed underground (at 4 feet depth) electric and cable...originating at a power pole, on West line of Lot 8, close to Lodge 6.  From here, it runs South, along east line of Lot 8 approx xx feet; then it turns SouthEasterly toward Lodge 4, crossing the main chip & seal road; it then continues Northward, around to the back of Lodge 4, to an electrical transformer box.   From this box, "electrical service lines" and "cable lines" branch out (at 2 feet depth) to Lodge 3, Lodge 4 and Lodge 5 (using original 4 feet trench).

As relates to water system, here is letter regarding J.B. Dewey's oversight of installation.

As relates to the condition of "Roofs", here is a pdf of roof installations.

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Home Owners Association


Some thought has been given to forming a Home Owners Association with tract layout as this map.

And here's a little information on real estate taxes.  And a sketch of parcel locations.

Also some insurance information.

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Septic Systems -

As there is no existing sewer system in this area, all properties have their own respective "Individual Sewage Disposal System".   In 1977 the Arkansas Department of Health, Bureau of Health Facility Services, Division of Sanitarian Services in Little Rock began a "permit" system in Baxter County.  Septic systems installed before this time obviously have no permit.  Others, installed afterwards, do have permits, which include Lodge 2, (and another), Lodge 3 (Note: dose pump does not exist), Lodge 4, Lodge 5 and Charles & Irena's residence

Also, here is a document related to all septic systems.

While we're on topic of "permits", here's for our boat dock.

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Contents of Buildings -

The "contents" of various structures is shown here, and here.  This is replacement of contents for Lodge 4, which was damaged by fire in Dec 2018.   Other lodges would be similar...the office/conf center/penthouse would be different.  There would be eight lodges total.  

Other than not being sure on Lodge 1, all lodges have potential for washer/dryer hookups, usually located in one of the bedrooms.  

Vehicles: list  

Camping: list 

Equipment: list  

Meals:  list  

Bait:   list  

Boats, Motors, Trailers:  list  

Computer Equipment:

Office: list

Outside of Office, Supply Building & Boat Dock: list

Conference Room: list

Shop:  list

Lawn Mower, Yard Maintenance:  list

Signs:  list

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Termite Contract -


For years, we have thought it important to ensure our structures are "termite free".  Here's a copy to that effect.

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