Our Philosophy on Prices...

Simplicity - we've always tried to keep our prices as "simple" as we can.  And to keep them as "low" as possible.  And not to try to "add on" different things (we even include sales tax in our rates).  And to try to be fair to everyone, charging the same to all.

Questions we are frequently asked:

Do you offer "military discounts"?  - No.

Do you offer "senior discounts"?  - No.

Do you offer "single-mom discounts"? - No. 

Do you offer lower rates if we bring "large group"?  - No. 

Do you offer "seasonal, or winter" rates?  - No.

Do you offer "one night free per week"?  - No.

Do you offer my rate free if I bring a large group? - No.

Do you offer discount for bad weather moving in (we're camping)? - No.

Do you allow rescheduling as there are weather forecasts calling for thunderstorms? - No.

We realize Newlands may not be suited for what you have in mind.  We believe that what's best for you is ultimately best for us.  So we present you with other options to find your "right place" at this link.