Daddy always told me that you can't control the fishing, or the weather--but you can control the food.  So, if the first two don't cooperate, you'll still have something to talk about when you get home.
To get an idea of our normal menu, click here.
Also, for anyone desiring a special diet while you're here, just let us know.

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A most unique eating arrangement - it's outdoors on the riverbank.  
Take a virtual tour.   Your cook will grill your steak just the way you like it, along with all the trimmings. 
What could be better?

People have different expectations when they come to Newlands. We've tried to identify and categorize your goals under the following concepts:
Take Your Customers Fishing--It's Good Business
Join Your FriendsFishing--It Makes Good Camaraderie
Take Your Family Fishing--It Makes Good Memories

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