This lodge sits back up...

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from the river a bit, and is across our entrance road from Lodge 6.   It is a one bedroom unit built into (but completely separate) a large four bedroom home owned by Louise Newland, wife of founder Bill Newland.

View of the Bed Room...

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from the entrance door.

This lodge is 100% ceramic tile on floor.

View of Bed Room from the...

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 bath room door.  This unit has two "full size" beds, and one "twin size" bed.   There is a nice "tile floor" throughout.

View of the TV (with built-in VCR)...

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also a window air conditioner for comfort.   There's even a microwave oven, and a refrigerator. 

View of the Bath Room...with Jacuzzi bath.

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with nice Jacuzzi bath.

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