I became aware of Newlands...

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13 years ago from my customers. Their expressions sounded interesting and exciting.  I thought, " Well, I should try it!"  My first visit to Newlands Lodge was remarkable and memorable.  A fishing lodge nestled among the trees in the heart of the Ozark Mountains with beautiful views, clean fresh air, picturesque hills, the sound of birds, and the rustling of wind in the trees.  The clear, cold, pristine waters of the famous White River and, most of all, the outstanding fishing.

I envisioned taking my customers...

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to Newlands Lodge, knowing this would be a great spot to take our individual owners of grocery stores.  I thought that this would give me a better opportunity to get better acquainted with our customers and their needs.  Also, I thought it would provide a forum, in a relaxed atmosphere and setting, for them to get to know each other and to share common problems and strategies.

The following 13 years we brought...

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many groups: Big Star, Mega Mart, Piggly Wiggly, Seessels, Food Giant, etc.  Each venture has proven successful.  It is a chore for some to get together.  But here is is out of the way enough so that it is the perfect place to blend business and pleasure.  Our customers love to come here--everyone can just enjoy themselves and relax.  In a warm, domestic atmosphere, the staff of Newlands provides outstanding service to meet anyone's needs.  The food is delicious.  They feed you like you are on a cruise ship!  Fishing is always good.  Usually we bring men, but sometimes couples.  My wife, Betty, likes it here, too.  This is a good business-human relationship for all of us.  It increases our customer familiarity and loyalty.  It gets the employees of different food stores to meet other managers and employees they may not get to see except in a business context.

Newlands is not just...

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another boat dock, but is tailored to handle corporate meetings.  It is a relaxed resort with excellent fishing that caters to the needs of business people.  Newlands Lodge specializes in customer entertainment and development utilizing trout fishing outings on the White River in Arkansas.  Newlands has the facilities to accommodate up to 60 individuals for corporate business meetings, conferences and seminars.  I am glad that I discovered Newlands 13 years ago for myself, my business and my family.  Thank you everybody who works at Newlands and we hope to come here again and again.

Newlands is a great place...

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Ed Wiseman, Jan 2002

Regional Manager (Memphis area) of Country Delite Farms

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