By far, the largest number of fish...

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are just "nice eating size".   But below, are pictures showing just a "few" of the bigger fish caught out of Newlands - some with guides, some without.  Customarily, most of them are released back into the river, for other anglers to enjoy the catch again.  But the choice is yours.   Did you know you can release the fish and have it mounted too?

Marla Treadwell, from Ozark MO, with a 10.5 lb brown trout.   

Her guide (background) was Daryl Beard.

Jun '17    


Jeff Pereschuk , from Tulsa OK, with a nice brown trout.   

His guide (background) was Daryl Beard.

May '17    


Dale Morrell (left) and Pat Ray with nice browns, weighing 5 lbs and 10 lbs.    


May '17    


Dean Nelson, from Syracuse UT, with a nice 6 pound brown trout.   

His guide was Michael Simundic.

May '17    


Tim Reeves (left), from St Peters MO, with a very nice brown trout, weighing 15.5 lbs and measuring 32".   

His guide was Billy Beard.

May '17    


David Young group: Jake Young (left center), with a very nice brown trout.    His guide was James Peveto.

Courtney Young (middle)

Apr '17    


Steve Wohlbold & Holly Bullington with nice browns.    

This was Holly's first time to the White River.

Apr '17    


Corbin Wilson (left picture) and Rick Jones (with Works24 in San Springs OK) with nice browns.    

Corbin's guide was Chris Packley, and Rick's guide was Mike Simundec.

Apr '17    


Dwight Anderson, Heath Conaway and Gregg Herron (with Eds Supply of Little Rock) with nice browns.    

Their guide was Mike Simundec.

Apr '17    


Chris Byfield group, from Inola OK,  with several nice fish.  

Their guide was Daryl Beard.

Mar '17    


Mark Proffer and Dan Todt, from Cape Girardeau MO, with nice browns.  

Mark's guide was "Slaw Man Dan" Todt.

Mar '17    

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