Ann McCoy from Springfield MO caught, and released, this 5.5 lb Brown. 


Ralph Overton from Gulf Shores AL ,with brother Hugh looking on,  took this nice 5.5 lb brown. 


John Depp from Memphis caught this nice 4.5 lb Brown with assistance from guide Rick O'Neale. 


Bill Carter, of Bill & Ralphs in Springhill Louisiana, caught (and then released) this huge Cutthroat trout weighing 6.25 pounds.  
Mr Carter brings a group of around 50 to Newlands each year. 

Rebecca Lee of Montgomery New Jersey caught this huge German Brown trout weighing 4 pounds. 
Rebecca was here with her family, who had also rendezvoused with the Robert Rhoades family of Fayetteville Arkansas.    

Pat Bannister (left) from Adair Oklahoma caught this huge German Brown trout weighing 20 pounds. 
Guide Walt Leonard (who has since deceased) assisted.  This fish is one of the largest ever taken out of Newlands. 
Pat was a guest of Dixie Pulp & Paper from Tuscaloosa Alabama.  Jun02.

David Hale from Harrison Arkansas took (and released) this nice 4 lb brown. 
David was also a guest of Dixie Pulp & Paper. 

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