Bob Smith, from Tulsa, with a "Golden" Rainbow trout - stocked by Ark Game & Fish.
The fish were purchased from a private hatchery in Missouri.

Keith, with Air-Masters in Memphis, proudly displays his 5 pound brown.
His Guide was Phil Freeze.

Arrow Box Company (St Louis) outing on the Buffalo River.  Left to Right: Jess Kramper, Lou Deutschmann, Marland Beaudeau.  They really got into some nice Smallmouth Bass.  Mr Deutschmann has been bringing groups to this area for many, many years.  Oct '09

Coty Mitchell, from Tulsa, with a really nice Rainbow trout weighing 6 1/2 lbs.
He was with a group from Progressive Food Service out of Little Rock.
His guide was Jimmy Caple.     Sep'09

Theresa Oberle, from Little Rock, with a really nice brown trout from the White River.
Her guide was Steve Scarlett.
Aug '09

Randy Dooly, from Lavaca Arkansas, with a nice 3 pound rainbow trout.
His guide was David Smale.
Jul '09.

Stephen Gassel, from Springfield Missouri, with a nice brown trout.
His guide was Glen Bucher.
May '09

Stew, from Little Rock, with a nice Rainbow trout (Mike Jarrell, father-in-law, from Dallas is looking on).
Their guide was Steve Scarlett.
May '09

Ron Daniels (right), from Fayetteville AR, with a nice 5 1/2 pound brown.
His guide was David Smale.
May '09


David Deutschmann (right), with Arrow Box Company in St Louis, got into some nice Walleye on the White River. 
They had a trip set up to fish for Smallmouth Bass on Buffalo, but heavy rains denyed it.
His guide was David Smale.    May'09

Stacy Hower
, from Pomona Kansas, with a nice 4 pound Brown.
His guide was White River Slim.
Stacy was also with a group from Southern Star Central Gas out of Owensboro KY.   Apr'09

Darrell Schwalbach
, of Omaha Nebraska, with a nice 6 3/4 pound brown.
His guide was John Wahler.
Darrell was with a group from Southern Star Central Gas out of Owensboro KY.   Apr'09

Jim Kendrick, from St Louis, with a real nice 5 pound Brown.
Jim was wading down around "cane island shoals".
Mar '09


Jeremy Stanek, from Troy Missouri, with a nice brown, weighing around 5 1/2 -6 pounds.
Jeremy also caught a 2 1/2 pounder.  All browns were released.
Mar '09

Forrest Teeter, of Russellville Arkansas, peers out from behind a really nice brown trout.
He was fishing with his grandfather,  Dr Stanley Teeter.
Their guide was Jimmy Curtis.    Mar'09

Lee Bennett
, with a nice six pound brown trout.  Lee was with a group from Ed's Supply Company of Little Rock.
The fish was released.
His guide was David Smale.     Mar'09

Steve Pearce, from Lenexa KS, with a nice 6 3/4 brown trout.
Bait - Shad


Eric Pearce, from Kansas City MO, with a 5lb walleye from the White River.
Bait - Shad

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