By far, the largest number of fish...

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are just "nice eating size".   But below, are pictures showing just a "few" of the bigger fish caught out of Newlands - some with guides, some without.  Customarily, most of them are released back into the river, for other anglers to enjoy the catch again.  But the choice is yours.   Did you know you can release the fish and have it mounted too?

Jerry Morris (center), from Owensboro KY, organized a trip with friends Pat Coomes (left) and Dale Taylor (right).

During three days, they caught several nice fish.   

Nov '13     


Jim Hannon, from Davenport IA, with a nice Brown trout. 
Jim was on a trip with Hornbuckle Heating & Air.
Sep '13     


Chad Austin (left), from Huntsville TX, with a big Brown trout, weighing 9 lbs. 
Holding the fish is guide Daryl Beard.
Sep '13     


Robert Sells (left), from Franklin TN, with a big Brown trout, weighing 16 lbs. 
His guide is Bob Klink.
Sep '13     


Jill Custard, from Fulton MO, displays a nice Brown trout, measuring 27".  She caught it from Newlands boat dock.

Aug '13     


Guide Greg Peterson holds a nice Brown trout caught by Jon Dolan, with a group from the Missouri Health Care Association.  

Jun '13     


Paula White, from Waco TX, with a nice Rainbow brown.  
Her guide was Daryl Beard.
Jun '13     


Charles White, from Waco TX, with a nice German brown.  
His guide was Jimmy Curtis.
Jun '13     


John Johnson, from Springfield MO, with a nice German brown.  
His guide was Daryl Beard.
May '13     


Randy Spector, from Overland Park KS, with a nice German brown.  Randy was with a group from Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Owensboro KY.
His guide was Steve Scarlett.
May '13     


Other nice fish from the Southern Star group (left to right): 
Scott Jaskowiak, David Moody, Jerry Morris all with nice brown trout;
Kirk Kaufmann with a nice rainbow trout;    May'13

Marland Beaudean, from Des Peres MO, with a very nice smallmouth bass from Buffalo River.  Marland was with a group from Arrow Box Company, St Louis.
His guide was Michael Simundec.
Apr '13     


Buba Hensley, from Granite Falls NC, shows off his nice brown trout.
His guide was Daryl Beard.
Apr '13     


Mark Proffer, from Cape Girardeau MO, with a nice brown trout.  

Mar '13     


Neil Stafford from Fayetteville AR is proud of his nice Walleye.
Feb '13    
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