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For creek levels check here.  Normal conditions are around 13 feet (just an arbitrary number, not actual depth).
Access Points:     Creek miles between points:   
Pyatt Bridge
Patton Cemetary         3 (Pyatt to Patton Cem.)
Snow Access                4 (Patton Cem to Snow)
George's Creek            6 (Snow to George's Cr)
Kelly Slab                     8 (George's Cr to Kelly Sl)
Yellville Bridge              2 (Kelly Slab to Yellville)

 Crooked Creek Canoes (870)404.6054 does shuttling (Becky Walker).

Generally, we use spinning or casting gear throwing bait like Flukes (by Zoom), 5", pumpkin seed, lavender green, shad colors; Centipede (by Zoom), 4", pumpkin seed, green pumpkin; Gitzit, 3" or 4", pumpkin seed, green pumpkin; HulaGrub, 3", pumpkin seed, green pumpkin; Grubs, 3", root beer, lavender green.  For the "lead heads" we usually use either 1/8 oz or 1/4 oz.

The Smallmouth like to hide around logs and rocks.

A very successful catch
on Crooked Creek.  All were released.

Read an article on Charles' Crooked Creek Trip.

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