At Newlands, we realize that we...

can't be all things to all people. We believe that what's best for you is ultimately best for us. So, we present you with other options to find your "right place".   From Bull Shoals Dam moving downstream, the following provide fishing services:  

Bull Shoals State Park   (870.431.5557)

Rivercliff Cabins   (870.431.7777)

Newlands Lodge  (web cam)   (870.431.5678)

Copper Johns Resort    (870.431.4454)

Gastons Resort    (870.431.5202)

The above facilities are located on the "left side" of the river, going downstream.  Now switching to the "right side" of the river, the following are included:

Stetsons Resort    (870.453.8066)

White Hole Resort    (870.453.2913)

Sportsmans Resort   (870.453.2424)

Fultons Lodge    (870.430.5338)

Wildcat Shoals Resort  (right side of river)

Back to the left side of the river for the following:

Rainbow Drive Resort   (870.430.5217)

His Place Resort   (870.435.6535)

Cotter Trout Dock   (870.435.6525)

Rim Shoals Resort   (870.435.6144)

White Buffalo Resort   (870.425.8555)

Rileys Station   (870.425.4221)

Then, where the North Fork (Norfork) of White River runs into the White, and upstream  -

Norfork Trout Dock  (870.449.5500)    

Roses Trout Dock   (870.449.5311)

Genes Trout Resort  (870.449.5381)  (web cam)

Charlies Rainbow Trout Resort    (870.449.7214)

STR Outfitters at Norfork (located off the river)  (877.246.4896)


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