Here are some current guides that we can recommend (arranged in alphabetical order):

Bob "Colonel" Klink.   Born 1951; grew up in Illinois and Florida; has done commercial and sport fishing, chauffeuring and construction (Teamster); "my customers always come first, always!  catch lots of fish; a happy customer tells their friends--an unhappy one tells everyone".

(870)404.1256   BobKlink51(at)

Chris Curley     

More to follow soon.


Daryl Beard    born 1965;
grew up around Mountain Home Arkansas; has worked for several years as a pest controller;
"I believe in pleasing the customer".

(870)405.1322    onebeard1(at)

Glen Bucher  -  "I try to improve my customers trout fishing skills and to give reasons why, so they will leave being a better fisherman than when they came.  I try to instruct on how to catch better quality of fish".


James Peveto
, born 1983.  Grew up in Bull Shoals.   My goal is to treat every customer with respect to the fullest; to be professional and dress professional; to protect our waters at all times.

(870)656.6573    jamespeveto(at)

Jimmy Curtis    He is really a quiet, laid-back fellow...and easy to get along with;
has one daughter, Amy;
has done a lot of roofing jobs, when not guiding, or hunting.


Jonce Trimble    Born '50; grew up in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri;
six sons, 11 grandkids; I was a teacher and coach for six years; been in recreation and tourism since '63;
I like to, "fish your way";  I'm "still a teacher" and love families and kids.

(870)453.2483   trimble(at)

Mike Simundic     Howdy, my name is Michael W. Simundic, but they call me Walking Eagle, lol.  I started  fishing on the waters in north central Arkansas in 1965.  I grew up in the Chicago area. 
My grand parents on my side were form the boot heal of  MO.  Then they retierd here in Mt. Home.  Spent a lot of summers here fishing the white and the north fork rivers.   I had to go to Vietnam and lost a few years.  Until I came home to the Ozarks.  For the past 30 years I have loved to watch folks catch trout - might be a brown or rainbow. 
The best is to watch a child get a good one.  The look in their eyes, the smile on their face.  It is great.  I try hard to show a good way to catch the best, we can get to bite.   I now make fishing lures, to Help Disabled Veterans. THEY really do catch fish.


Rick Helmus    Born 1952; Grew up in Wisconsin & Illinois. 
Three grown kids. 
Philosophy on guiding - "ain't got nothing better to do".


For FLY FISHING Guides, we suggest contacting Duane Bell (870)445.3211.

Here are some other guides from past years:

Buzz Reeves.  Born 1960.  Grew up and live in Pyatt Arkansas.  Married, two girls. 
Has done lots of pipe welding, carpenter work, and farming.  
Philosophy on guiding - "...just have fun and catch fish, and enjoy time spent on the river."  Watch Buzz "clean trout".


Carl Meeks
    Born '41;
grew up around Newton, Illinois; two children;
"I like to fish hard and make up lies."


Charlie Willett    grew up in this area, around Mountain Home.


Donnie Haynes
    Born: 1969.  
Grew up in Mountain Home and Gassville Arkansas area.   I have four boys, and one wife. 
I like to "...have fun, catch good fish, and be safe".

Fred Polich     Born '40; grew up Peoria IL; son of coal miner and seamstress.  Love my hometown...visit when I can; 2 children;
Main profession is education; also part-time guide for 30 years;
I truly enjoy being a fishing guide and always put the customer first; enjoy helping others to learn techniques of catching trout; have a competitive spirit, like most guides, and this is a benefit for out fishermen.

(870)404.1118    welovetofish(at)

Greg Peterson - Born 1958 in California
Owner of a commercial plumbing business for 25 years.
"To insure that no matter what skill level,  that they have an enjoyable time."


Jim Cockerel
.  Born 1956.  Grew up around Calico Rock, Arkansas. 
Worked in guiding, then telecommunications.  Now back to guiding again so I can also take care of my mother in her old age.
I really enjoy guiding...taking people out and watching the joy they get in catching fish.  And also meeting people from all over the US.

(870)321.6457    jcockerel(at)

Kevin Brantiones    Born: Feb 1968;  Grew up on "southside" of Chicago.  I think it was '74 when my father brought his family down to the White River; some of my fondest childhood memories come from those summer vacations.  The fishing was so good, he brought us down every year and eventually retired here.  I moved to Flippin in May of 2001, after 15 years in the securities business...I realized I needed a change.  Started guiding the river and never looked back.  Fishing is a passion for me, and taking people fishing is the best job I've ever had.  I've guided for Newlands starting in 2004, and it's always been a pleasure.  I can "bait" fish with you, or maybe take you "fly" fishing which is my true love - either way you can be assured that "my obsession" is "you".  Have a wonderful day.  

Willard Stoops

More to follow soon.


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