What do I need to bring?

Most people travel light...just personal items, change of clothes, jacket, maybe a rain suit, hat, etc.  And unless you wish to bring your own, we also have fishing tackle for rent.

Been there; liked our guide; can't remember his name?

We have guides pictures and names on our website.  Maybe you will recognize him.

What if it is raining the day of our guided fishing trip?

Technically, for us the expenses are the same, so we charge regular price.  The fish are as wet as they can get, so it doesn't make any difference to them.  If it's lightening we just don't go out...we wait till it quits; or if we're on the river and this starts, we come in and wait.  In actuality, it hardly ever rains "all" day; and it hardly ever thunders and lightenings "all" day.  So even on some of the worst of days, we still manage to get in pretty good fishing time.   As far as river conditions go, even if it rains a ton, the river would nearly always be fine for fishing since we are so close to the dam (about two miles) and there's not many feeder creeks running in to make the river very muddy.  

What about alcoholic beverages?

This county (Baxter) is a "wet" county; there are several liquor stores nearby.

When's the best time for fishing?

Good question...and a difficult one.  One way to answer is, "The Fishin's always good...the Catchin varies".  The "trout" are fairly consistent, depending on a combination of factors largely related to water release patterns from Bull Shoals Dam (which no one we know of ever knows).   For "smallmouth bass" generally we think April through June as good water conditions depend on spring rainfall.   

One day in June of 2006, eighteen guides, as they we preparing to go out on the river, were asked the following question - "If you were going to recommend the very best month/time for a customer to come to the White River, what would it be"?   The results came in as follows: 


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