Boat Rentals are available...

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We suggest at least 1/2 day guided trip prior, for your safety and knowledge.     Just please keep in mind that the water levels can fluctuate a lot in the White River.   

My name is Charles Newland, and I must be confident you will be safe out on the river.  If I'm not, we can refer you to other rental facilities, such as:
(870)431.5557  State Park Boat Dock
(870)431.5202  Gastons Resort
(870)453.8066  Stetsons Resort
(870)453.2913  White Hole Resort
If you have any problems, my cell is (870)656.6011.
Drag Chain...optional, not long enough to reach motor.
Coming Back - To Ramp...not dock (depending on water levels).
Weight Distribution...toward back.
Approach Obstacle...from downstream.
Motor...idle before shifting.
Reverse...if must use, hold hand on back.

Keep in mind that not only are you renting my boat & motor, you are also renting "me" in the sense that if you have any problems out on the river (and a lot of things can happen), I will be right out to provide assistance.

Map - Low Water...

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When the power generators are off, the water levels are low.  This map shows the chanel and shallow areas.

The 50 degree water...

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flowing from Bull Shoals Dam varies in volume and speed.  Several hydro-electric dams (incl: Bull Shoals, built 1952, TableRock '58, Beaver '66) are connected through computers and there is no sure way to determine water releases, if any, during any given day--although at this website you can see "projections" for a few (2-3) days coming up (Bull Shoals is #14, "BSD").    There is also a number (918-595-6779 ext 14) to call to get this info. Remember: this is a "projection" and "estimate" and may be, or may not be, what actually happens (you can check another website to see the actual water releases).   Water flow is measured in two ways: CFS (cubic feet per second) and MWH (mega watt hours).  About 3300cfs, or 50 mwh, is equal to one generator.

If you plan to go out in a boat on your own, keep some safety precautions in mind because there is an element of danger in boating on the White River, as there is with any stream.  Several boats have capsized.  Even if you are a good swimmer, the 50 degree water would be a test for the best of swimmers.

 The water level and, therefore, the water current is controlled by Bull Shoals Dam.  There are eight electricity producing "generators" at the dam.  There can be none, all eight, and everything in between, in operation at any given time of the day--and it can vary from hour to hour.  There is no way to determine what the generation level will be.  It can vary from low water with almost no current, to a level 14 feet higher and 5-8mph current.  Safe boating comes with understanding the variations in water current.

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