Newlands "outdoor meals" are unique.

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Imagine yourself sitting by the riverbank for dinner, watching the trout rising, versus eating in a "restaurant setting"  -  more

We can offer a wide variety...

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of "additional fishing experiences"...trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, etc.   We're not locked into one section of the river  -  more

Our lodges are "comfortable" and...

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like being at your "home away from home".   They're "Full Blown Houses", instead of motel rooms, cottages or kitchenettes   -   more

Simple Prices...

All Inclusive (even bait, taxes, tips, etc).  No hidden Charges   -   more

"Friendly" Service...

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To fully understand, you'd have to know Alvin. (Alvin retired 30 Oct 2020)

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