My birth - It was September of 1962 in one of the cities (Kemerovo) of South-West Siberia, Russia.   In the young family of ordinary Russian couple Vladimir and Alexandra was born a daughter.  They named her Irena - Greek name that means "Peace".

Both of Irena"s parents were children of the World War II.  Both lost their fathers on the Battlefields of Moscow (Battle for Moscow) and Kursk (big tank battle near Kursk and Belgorod). Both went through hunger and deprivations.
In 1941 when the War started Alexandra was 3 years old and lived with her family in the village 40 miles west of Moscow.  The women and children ended up in captivity when German army started retreat from Moscow and taking civilians with them as a human shield.  Finally the civilian prisoners were liberated by Russian partisans.  When people came back to their village it was just ashes what was left.  Lost relatives, grief, cold, starvation, but most of them survived.

In 1962 it was time just 17 years after WWII was over and 45 years after Russian Red Revolution took place. The country still was in process of healing the wounds, restoring the economy and continuing building so called "bright socialism".  Difficult time but full of optimism and faith for better future. 
(It always has been amazing to me.  Regardless of numbers of historical disasters Russia has been through, that the majority of the people would not give up or get depressed.  Instead they would go on and live having positive attitude.)