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Irena (eye-ree-nuh) Newland is the wife of owner, Charles Newland.  She helps her husband operate the business (paper work, marketing and promotion).  Irena is a native of Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia, and moved to the Ozarks after meeting and marrying Charles.  So you might say that she now has a Siberian-Ozark accent.  She attended a Russian university and earned a degree in food technology engineering.  Here is "her story" of how she wound up living here in the Ozarks.

Hello. I always liked to travel...

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and to see different places (I even lived in Baku, Azerbaijan for ten years).  In 2010, I wrote an article that appeared in Azeri newspapers.

I heard about Newlands being the world wide known trout fishing lodge while living in my homeland Siberia, part of Russia.  So, I came fishing here.  And I think I caught the biggest Fish on the White River - my husband Charles Newland!
Living all my life in big and noisy cities, now I enjoy the serene beauty of the Ozarks.  Absolutely breathtaking sceneries!   It seems like everything is so relaxing, soothing and peaceful. Such a wonderful place.  The nature is so amazing here.  The people are very warm and friendly.


I like to meet different people...

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all over the United States who come to Newland's. If you see me walking by, do not hesitate to talk with me if you would like to do so.
I like fishing.  I am very happy when I catch fish with fish eggs in it.  I make delicious red caviar from it.  It tastes just like I used to eat it in Siberia, where red and black caviar are parts of folk's diet.  When you clean your trout and it has eggs in it, please, don't throw them away, I would be very happy to have them.
I have a few hobbies.  I love to cook healthy meals.  I like to learn about nutrition, even becoming a nutritional consultant.  I love to play tennis.  I like to  spend time in my orchard with 12 different fruit trees.  I like English language and would like to know it better.  I make some translations from English into Russian and the other way.  I also enjoy arranging musical concerts with my friend Oksana.  And I enjoy taking care of my husband Charles.

It was September of 1962 in one of the cities of South-West Siberia, Russia.  (Look at the map)  In the young family of ordinary Russian couple Vladimir and Alexandra was born a daughter.  They named her Irena - Greek name that means "Peace".

Both of Irena"s parents were children of the World War II.  Both lost their fathers on the Battlefields of Moscow (Battle for Moscow) and Kursk (big tank battle near Kursk). Both went through hunger and deprivations.
In 1941 when the War started Alexandra was 3 years old and lived with her family in the village 40 miles west of Moscow.  The women and children ended up in captivity when German army started retreat from Moscow and taking civilians with them as a human shield.  Finally the civilian prisoners were liberated by Russian partisans.  When people came back to their village it was just ashes what was left.  Lost relatives, grief, cold, starvation, but most of them survived.

 In 1962 it was time just 17 years after WWII was over and 45 years after Russian Red Revolution took place. The country still was in process of healing the wounds, restoring the economy and continuing building so called "bright socialism".  Difficult time but full of optimism and faith for better future. 
(It always has been amazing to me. Regardless of numbers of historical disasters Russia has been through that majority of people would not give up or get depressed. Instead they would go on and live having positive attitude.)


Twin Lakes Literacy Council -

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I was able to improve my English through the Twin Lakes Literacy Council.  Here is an article. 

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Well, I guess that is all for now...

Do svidania.  ( "See you again" in Russian)..
P.S.  Not all parts of my story are precisely correct.  (Charles and I really met each other on the internet; then one month later we met in person in Vienna, Austria).  But the idea standing behind it -- going fishing at Newland's may change your life -- is something to think about.  It may give you a new lease on life, rejuvenate your spirit and body and give you and those who come with you wonderful, life lasting memories.

I wish to everybody who comes here: "Just relax and enjoy the day God has made for you!"

I believe that, ultimately, one's attitude toward God is really what matters.  For several years, I have been studying the Bible from Orthodox Berachah Church in Houston TX.  Here is how to become a believer.  Here is a translation I made into Russian of "Christian at Ease". 

I believe that when a person is born, that God imputes human life to him.   And at the same time the "sin nature" comes genetically through Adam's original sin.  At some point a person will wonder about God and the meaning of life.  If he desires to know more, sooner or later God will provide Gospel information.  From that point that person will constantly have the choice to be for, or against, Bible (which is the mind and thinking of Jesus Christ).  If new believer starts learning, absorbing and applying to his life accurate Bible teaching from a teacher/priest, he will start growing up spiritually.   The growing believer must use the confession (in his own soul just naming his sins to God), which allows to re-establish the connection with God and allows Bible to become part of his soul.  Believer will learn how to live faith-rest life.  Finally, spiritually growing believer can reach the point when nothing in life, no disaster will cause him to loose his spiritual balance and stability, such believer becomes invincible.

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PS: Now, I'm manager at Newlands Lodge...

When our manager of 33 years (Alvin) announced his retirement in Oct of 2020, and Charles realized, after 47 years after his father died, that maybe he should at least "semi-retire", we thought to maybe try to develop our home-owners project.  But, during the interim, who will run Newlands?  Well, it turned out to be ME (Irena).  For all of 2021, I  answered the phone, took reservations, scheduled guides, ordered food, cleaned lodges and all the other things necessary for a trout fishing lodge.  I never would have dreamed I could do such a thing.